What did I do this summer?

Hello! Yes, I’m alive. 🙂

Since I haven’t blogged all summer I thought I would do a “master blog” and talk about it all in one post! Get comfy folks, this is going to be a long one…

1. Completed my marketing diploma!

Due to credit transfers and all that jazz, I had to take two courses during the spring semester (May/June) to finish my diploma in marketing! I completed both the Business Law and Management Information Systems courses. Out of the two, I’d have to say Business Law was a lot more interesting and I learned a lot! I received my diploma in the mail with honors – go me! 😀

2. Watched a bunch of movies in theaters.

There were so many good movies out this summer! Me and my boyfriend love going to the movies together, and pigging out on popcorn. Don’t judge! This summer we watched:

–          Iron Man 3

–          Star Trek Into Darkness

–          Man of Steel

–          Great Gatsby

–          The Internship

–          The Heat

–          Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

–          City of Bones

A few movies we wanted to see but didn’t get the chance to include: This Is The End, Kick Ass 2 and Pacific Rim. World War Z would have been cool to see too, but I wanted to read the book first!

Other movies I look forward to include Enders Game, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Thor: The Dark World, The Book Thief, The Hobbit pt. II, Divergent, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spiderman II. Maybe I’ll also see Gravity if I am brave enough…

I absolutely love that all the books I read while I was in Jr./Sr. high have been and are being turned into movies! I also love seeing comic books come to life as well!

Henry Cavill is a hunk!

3. Attended Otafest in Calgary!

Otafest was my first “con” of any kind. It was awesome seeing people dressed up as their favorite video game and anime characters. It also made me really wish I brought my Sailor Venus outfit to cosplay in! Oh well, maybe next year.

There was a bunch of vendors, and so much stuff that I wanted to buy! In the end, I opted for Espeon and Umbreon plushies for my brother and sister as a gift. I only went for one day, so I only saw a few panels. My favorites were “Steampunk 101” and “A Brief History of Video Games”.


Amazing Shana cosplay from Legend of the Dragoon at Otafest!

I really wish I could afford to go to San Diego Comic Con or another huge convention! SOME DAY! For now, I’ll live with just going to The Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo this September.

4. Went camping with the family.

When I visited my family for a bit, we went camping somewhere outside of Bonnyville. They have a nice lot with their trailer and trees surrounding it on top of a hill.

It really isn’t summer, if I don’t go camping. When I lived in my hometown, most of my summer was spent in the outdoors, camping. Nothing beats cooking and eating food outdoors, or eating s’mores around the campfire. Mmmm.

5. Used my taste buds to explore Taste of Edmonton.

It was delicious. From The Three Amigos Authentic Mexican Restaurant, I had a burrito norteno with a side of rice, which was delicious with just the right amount of spice. I was REALLY disappointed that they didn’t have churros as advertised. I really wanted one. The freshly squeezed lemonade from Lemon Heaven was DIVINE. I then continued to spend the rest of my tickets on deserts (mostly). I grabbed a chocolate crêpe from The Creperie and a chocolate lava cake with raspberry sorbet from Hong Kong Bakery. Since I had a few leftover tickets, I also tried their green onion cakes, which were good too. I didn’t eat anything that I didn’t like, so I’d say it was a success going there. 🙂


Chocolate lava cake with raspberry sorbet from Hong Kong Bakery. Trés cute!

6. Had my wisdom teeth removed.

When I went to the dentist last year, they told me in about a year I would need my wisdom’s removed or my teeth would start to crowd. Low and behold, exactly a year later they start to ache. So, I decided to get them out – I didn’t want my front teeth to crowd and they had already begun to a bit.

I have never had surgery before, and was a bit anxious beforehand but overall, it wasn’t terrible. I remember them sticking the needle in my hand and thinking, “I don’t even feel drowsy.” Then, nothing. I was out cold. I don’t even remember waking up, just looking at my hand and them taping a piece of cotton to my hand and walking out asking, “Are you sure you got them all?” with a mouth full of gauze. The first thing I ate was a small chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s. Boy, was it good. Unfortunately, my entire mouth/jaw area being numb made eating it a very tough feat.

Now, fully recovered, I am definitely more appreciative of have a pain-free mouth to eat with. I missed solid food for a good couple of days. Eating real fruit juice freezies just wasn’t as satisfying as I thought they would be.

7. Was a couch potato and played video games.

Me and my boyfriend decided to go back and play some video games we played when we were kids. Since he has only been down on the weekends, we’ve only had time to play a few, including Legend of the Dragoon (PS1), Super Mario RPG (SNES) and Final Fantasy VII (PS1). We have a bunch more lined up, but first we have to finish FFVII.

And of course, I’ve been playing League of Legends all summer. I’ve been so lazy though, and haven’t played any ranked so I’m still in silver division. I won’t delve into that anymore though, haha.

8. Was even more of a couch potato and became addicted to Doctor Who.

Doctor Who ruined my life summer. It’s seriously so GOOD though. Don’t watch it! Seriously though, watch it. I haven’t finished it yet (I would be though, if I didn’t have such horrible amazing self control). I am currently on season 5, while my boyfriend is on season 2. So, when he’s back for good, I’ll have to backtrack so I can watch it with him. This isn’t a bad thing though, because I absolutely ADORE the 10th Doctor (David Tennant). *swoon*

You know you want to! 😉

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty productive summer! … Who am I kidding?!

What has everyone else been up to during the summer? 🙂


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