The Essential Things

Now, I can’t say I made this list. Credit goes to one of my teachers at NAIT, Drew. I can’t be sure if he made this list, or took it from someone else though! During the last class he held, he gave us this list of essential things to remember. Some of these things apply directly to sales (which is the course that he taught) but many of them can be applied to life in general.

The Essential Things:

1. Set Goals

Sometimes, it’s hard to set goals. “What do you want?” is a hard question to ask yourself. Once you set out a few goals for yourself, it’s good to ask, “Is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to my goal?” If it is, great! I think it’s definitely worth it to set goals and measure progress. If you don’t, how will you know if you are succeeding in life?

2. Attitude

Simple. Be positive, take charge and be self employed. I guess that’s not so simple. Being positive can be hard at times. I sometimes struggle with that, but it’s something that I’m working on. Taking charge of life is important too – sometimes sitting back and letting “fate” decide is going to get you nowhere. Being self employed doesn’t necessarily mean being your own boss, it means taking care of yourself and showing others how awesome you are.

3. Never Stop Learning

I love this one. Sometimes, I think that I want to stay in school forever. (Yea, right!) If you want to be better than the competition, know more than they do. Continue to learn outside of school.

4. Passion & Enthusiasm

“Selling could be simply described as a transfer of enthusiasm.” This is one of those sales tips, but it can also apply to selling yourself to potential employers. Show that you are motivated and enthusiastic to join the team, and are passionate about what you do.

5. See Rejection Differently

Successful people see failure only as an opportunity to improve. It can be hard to think of rejection as an opportunity to improve or become better, but I’ll definitely be reminding myself of this when things don’t go my way in life.

6. Always be Prospecting

This is another sales-related tip. Everyone you meet  is a potential customer or referral source. This tip though can still be applied to everyone’s lives. I think it’s important to not be afraid to talk to people – you never know who you’re going to meet.

7. See Customers as Friends

Yet another sales tip. Spend time with your customers, listen to them and look out for them.

8. Do the Unexpected

Become the differentiator! What you sell can be copied, but not yourself. In life, I think it’s important to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Take risks. Do the unexpected. Don’t conform, and be yourself!

9. Patient Persistence

Do not quit! It can be discouraging at times, but don’t give up on your goals.

10. Time Management

What is your time worth? “Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.” Unfortunately, each of us has a limited amount of time on this earth. Make every minute count!


When my teacher gave his speech, I felt so inspired. I wanted to go out into the world, and leave my footprint. I wanted to make my family and friends proud, and be the best person I can be. Sometimes, we all need a little motivation, a little push to get our day going. I hope that after reading this, you feel a little bit inspired and motivated to change your life for the best.

What are your “Essential Things” or tips for life?


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