NAIT Promo Awards

I’m a little late blogging about this, but after the awards ceremony, I went to bed, woke up and had to present a mock trade show for my business to business class. Maybe now I’ll finally have the time to press some keys and make a blog happen. Here we go… !

Overall, the NAIT Promo Awards were delightful. I sat at a table with Laurie from DDB, Dana from Kick Point and Sona from Venture Publishing, who were all amazing. Dinner was delicious, as well as desert. I couldn’t tell you what was in that cake – it really was something different.

My friend and fellow project partner Danny Siman did a great job being the MC for the night. He had nothing to be nervous about! All of the other speeches were captivating as well, especially the one by Sylvia and Jordan from Calder Bateman. I don’t know how I will ever 1-UP that cover letter by the man from Scotland, but I’ll figure something out.

During the awards ceremony, I’ll admit, I had a bit of trouble breathing. There was so much anticipation and excitement!

First off, congrats “Cannonball Marketing” for winning the Best Media Solution award with the campaign you created for Ernest’s. You guys deserve it! I’ll definitely be checking out Ernest’s sometime in the near future!

Congrats to “Pinnacle Advertising” for winning The Big Idea award and the Best Presentation award for the NAIT Advising Center campaign! Your group was so energetic and positive, I had no doubt that you would win the Best Presentation award. The energy you guys have is contagious!

Lastly, I wanted to thank my group. We put a lot of time and dedication into this project. There were many weekends spent at NAIT, doing work, and practicing our presentation. Many days it felt like I had no life, but in the end it was worth it. Tatianna and Danny, you guys are awesome. Congrats to us for winning four big awards for our Avonair Junior Program campaign: Best Overall Campaign, Visual Excellence, Brand Management, and Best Use of Direct Marketing Piece! Also, I wanted to thank our graphic designers, Kyle and Annelies! They are AMAZING!

And of course, congrats  to everyone who made it to panel and didn’t win awards. Everyone did an amazing job and I know a lot of hard work was put into all of the projects.

A big thanks to Bev and NAIT for making this course possible. I anxiously await for the Promo Awards website to be updated. I can’t wait to see pictures!


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