My Favorite Things – Week 2

Hello again!

This week of my favorite things will feature different categories than the last. Partially because last week’s favorite things (ex. food, drink) are the same for this week (I just can’t get over that San Pellegrino Limonata and those macaroons were just too delicious!)

Some of this weeks categories may be a little “odd”.

Favorite Commercial

I’m a marketing student, and sometimes my teachers send me amusing things. This commercial, in particular, is genius and hilarious! It was uploaded 5 days ago, and almost has 24 million views! Click here to watch this awesome Pepsi commercial.

Favorite TV Show

This week, Supernatural is still my favorite show. However, I think that Arrow deserves an honorable mention. I’m all caught up, and awaiting the next episode that comes out on March 20th. Arrow is about a spoiled playboy millionaire who, after 5 years of being stranded on an island, returns home and becomes a hooded vigilante, wielding a bow and arrows. I think it’d be incorrect to say he is a modern day Robin Hood, because he doesn’t steal from the rich to give to the poor. Usually, he just ends up killing them.


Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell.

Favorite Music

A few days ago Monstercat posted a new album called Aftermath, which is almost an hour of electronic music! I’ve listened to it quiet a few times already, and was glad to see that some of my favorite songs were in the mix. You can choose to support the various artists by buying it or you can listen it on Youtube here. I just love how the video includes people’s memories and comments about Monstercat and the artists.

Favorite Daydream

Yea, this category is a bit different. But hey, I do have a favorite daydream this week. While riding the bus home back from college, a song came up on my iPod – one that I overplayed way too much when I drove my car around my hometown. I just imagined myself, in my car, shifting gears, listening to the roar of my engine and cruising. It made me really miss my car… Unfortunately, it’s back home stuck in a garage. *sigh*


My first car. For some reason, I really love yellow cars, and just had to have it. I ended up learning how to drive standard so I could buy it!

Favorite Makeup Product

(Guys can stop reading here :p)

Forever, I’ve used drugstore mascara, and my favorite one for a long time now has been the L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara. It lengthens and separates, it doesn’t clump and makes my lashes look a bit thicker. Mascara was one of those things I would happily go to a drugstore to buy, whereas other products I “needed” to go to Sephora for.

I subscribed to the ipsy Glam Bag in November when it came available to Canada, and have been really happy with the products in the bags (besides the last one wasn’t so great, but for $15, I can’t really complain). In one of the bags, I got a mini version of the “They’re Real” mascara by Benefit, and it’s my absolute favorite mascara now! It’s similar to the other mascara I mentioned, but it does the job better and has a brush that works better on my lashes. Is it worth the more expensive price tag? Hmmm… I’m not sure yet!

Thanks for reading!

What’s your favorite thing this week? 🙂


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